Offering in-house and third-party delivery integration

Whether you are a small or large restaurant or a franchise, our delivery integration options are the same across the board and we offer it at no cost to you. Ideal for single and multiple locations.

Delivery options available

In-house Delivery

Third-party Delivery

We give you options. You can choose to use your own delivery staff, connect with third-party delivery services, or do both. And we won’t charge for delivery integration. It’s just one more way we make it easy for restaurants to offer online ordering and save money.

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In-house delivery

Assert more control over the customer experience and engagement with your own in-house delivery staff.

  • $0 commissions for integration

  • Assign in-house delivery drivers to online orders
  • Keep 100% tips on deliveries
  • Set custom delivery rules and zones

Third-Party Delivery Integration

Stop sending customers to third party delivery apps and instead send them to your website. You can save up to 30% on commissions set by third-party delivery services with TapTapEat. We partner with DoorDash and offer integration with their services at no cost to you.

  • $0 commissions for integration
  • Get tips on 3rd party delivery orders with our tip divider tool.
  • Cancel deliveries or create additional deliveries if there are any issues with drivers
  • Override third-party delivery with in-house delivery when staff is available

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Save on DoorDash delivery commission fees

TapTapEat can integrate with DoorDash and save you money! We don’t charge for integration with these network services and therefore, you don’t pay their commission fees.


Zero Cost

There is no fee to integrate with DoorDash. We do this for free!


Get tips on in-house and 3rd party delivery orders with our tip divider tool.


Set custom delivery rules and travel distances.


Cancel deliveries and create a 2nd delivery if there are any issues with the first driver.

In-house Delivery

Override 3rd party delivery with in-house delivery when staff is available.

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